Saturday, October 19, 2013


Sorry for the long stretch between postings. It has been a hectic couple of months.

Ekko and I are doing nicely as a team. It took awhile to get used to his quirks (and he to mine, I'm sure).

I've come to the conclusion that standard poodles are the cats of the dog world.  I grew up with dogs that enjoyed their food.  Ekko, like a lot of poodles, has more discerning tastes.  If we are going over obedience  training, I have to use special treats like  Beggin' Strips or dried liver. No fool he.

Ekko is working well.  He lets me know about the door, the telephone, the smoke alarm (thank gawd) and the timer for laundry and cooking.  He does not, however, want to wake me up in the morning. That is more hit and miss.  We're giving it a break for now and will tackle it again later. I'm thinking maybe I need a new alarm that sounds different or something. Hm.

Like Bosley, he hogs the bed.  It took me about 3 weeks to realize why he didn't go into his crate whenever I said "Crate" to him. That's because he's been taught "Kennel". 

Ekko is extremely affectionate.  He loves to lean, and soaks up loving like a sponge.  The name sign given to him in school is a falling over "E", because twice while in school, Ekko fell asleep standing up while resting his head on my knee, and both those times he fell over.  I laughed until I cried!

All said, I think we're going to make a good team.

Stay tuned.
Ekko and I at Orillia's Purina Walk for Dog Guides, Sept. 2013 (photo by Eileen Murray)


Tammy Sexton said...


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newfenees said...

Hi Cathy! I so enjoy reading about your guide dog experiences. You and Ekko seem to be getting along well; I'm glad you've found another devoted companion to help you through life. God bless!ffastrad

Tina Lannin said...

oh you made me laugh... your new dog is lovely. I'm still waiting on my new dog and think of Smudge every day. Big hole! x

Tina Lannin said...

oh you made me laugh... your new dog is lovely. I'm still waiting on my new dog and think of Smudge every day. Big hole! x