Saturday, March 23, 2013

Starting the Process All Over Again

I need another dog. While I'm still grieving Bosley, I realize that I'm needing another dog in my life to help me.  Not being able to hear important sounds in one's life can put a crimp in a lot of things. I'm talking important things like the fire alarm when I'm sleeping, or the alarm clock so that I can get to work.  So, the process begins again.

Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, or Dog Guides for short, is where Bosley came from.  Dog Guides is also where the dogs of a number of friends came from.  I like the dogs from Dog Guides, and I like how they train their dogs.  There are other organizations out there, but I'm going to stick with this one.

All organizations have application forms.  Dog Guides' application form, for the hearing ear dog program at least, is 14 pages long.  The medical report is 4 pages long.  Two references are requested, and the name and contact information of the family vet is also required.   There are also two forms that need to be signed from one's landlord (if one rents) and one's employer.  These forms state that a working dog will be coming on their premises and that they (work and landlord) acknowledge that the dog has a right to be there.

Once I submit my paperwork (no, I haven't yet - I'm still grieving and feeling quite disloyal at this point), there is an interview to go through.  The first/last time I was interviewed, two people showed up. Asked whole bunches of questions, then one went through my house to see if there were any potential problem areas or non-dog friendly parts of my home that needed to be changed.  This could be anything from dangling wires behind the television set to poisonous chemicals sitting out in the open, plus whole bunches of other things.

Once that process went through, my application and the interview recommendation was sent before the acceptance committee to see if I was deemed a suitable candidate. Or not.  Yes, it is a lengthy and involved process, but I'm all in favour of it, because it shows my commitment, and it shows that I can take care of one of their dogs. It also shows that they care about their dogs and are looking after them as well.

Stay tuned.  In the meantime, in case you're wondering, I cry every night, over losing Bosley to lymphoma. Nights are especially hard.  So you can imagine the see saw of emotions right now as I *know* I need another dog, and I *know* I'm still grieving.


Pat Pope said...

It's hard to be in this predicament because both things right now are needful: grieving and getting a new dog.

Since you've already been through this process when you got Bosley, do you have to do the whole application all over again? I mean, the organization, in a sense, already knows you.

Cathy 'n Bosley said...

Hi, Pat, yes, the process is modified a bit. I don't have to wait as long, for starters, but yes, I have to fill out an application and provide references, and such.