Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Miss You, Bosley.

I miss your gorgeous eyes, your pink and black  nose. I miss how you woke me up in the morning, and how you reminded me that I had toast in the toaster.  I even miss how you snored and how you grunted whenever you got up and didn't want to, but you did anyway.  My lovable, grumpy, happy, smiling boy.

You gave me a freedom that can't be labelled. Freedom that can't be cost-factored.  I felt safe knowing you would tell me if someone was behind me or if someone was in the office when I was otherwise alone.  Safe, knowing you would wake me up and alert me in case of a fire.

I miss the laughter you brought to my life.  Your expressive face that had me in stitches.  Your incredible eyebrows that could communicate whole paragraphs, let alone sentences; thoughts and feelings and expressions and opinions, all with the flick of a brow or a lid.

I miss your acceptance and unconditional love.  Looking up at me with trust in your eyes.  Your last minutes on this earth as I shook your paw and thanked you for all the work you did for me.  Even then, although you were clearly sick, you still smiled, still stuck out your paw for a shake, and still had time for a lick and some love even though you were clearly not well.  You gave so much of yourself, Bosley.  I will miss you; yes, I do miss you. Very much so.  Especially in the quiet of the night.

Yes, there will be other dogs in my life. Indeed other service dogs, but you, my boy, are and were, one of a kind.  Irreplaceable.  You stole my heart.  You stole many hearts.

Rest in peace now, my good friend.  You have certainly deserved it.  Good bye, Bosley.  Good night.  God bless.  


Silke said...

sending you hugs and love

bbes tribe said...

Sending hugs.,,,it is always hard to lose a good friend and heart dog. There ill always be the good memories of your time together. Yes, another helper will come in to your life. Will not be the same but there will be new memories made and closeness.
Wags Ernie and the furkids and mom barb