Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Message from Theo to Bosley

(Theo is the canine companion of Silke, who is a minister.)

Dear Bos,

I have to admit that I am occasionally surprised by the lady I take care of - once in a while, she will look at the big square of
paper on the cold food storage locker - you know the one I mean - the one covered by little squares and numbers and scribbles of what she was supposed to do but forgot. She looks at it and then looks at me and shakes her head and says something about big numbers - she says I will be 86 years old this week - whatever THAT means! She also says something about me being little HA! When I get up on my hind legs and look one of those bruisers in the eye: guess who backs down first? Age? Size? don't mean a thing to us 4-legged creatures, do they!

You know, I overheard one of those humans in the big hall next to my home saying something about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks - (??) As IF! I gave my lady such a surprise a few sleeps ago.
She took me along with her to this big house with lots of rooms because we were stopping off "to do a service" on our way to visit my girl a bunch of rumbles further down the road. It was cool. She took me around the room and I got to meet a whole bunch of people who never got out of their chairs. They came in on wheels and made lots of happy noises when I said hello to them.

She told me to get up on the chair while she was "doing the service." It was interesting because I had never watched her "do" a service before. I just put my chin on my paws and watched and then I got to come down off the chair and say goodbye to all these nice people with the funny smells.  I don't think they paid nearly as much attention to her as they did to me.

One of them smelled really wrong and I kept going back to her - I knew she was really really sad because she was going to be leaving this world very soon. I kept going back and rubbing my head against her knees.
She did leave before I got back from my holidays. I hope she stopped being sad before she went.  I know she was going to a very good place.

You and I are going to that good place too - I know you're going to get there before I do, so can you save me a couple of those biscuits please.

Looking forward to seeing you here first though - my lady keeps telling me you're s'posed to come for a visit to my new home. Tell your lady to hurry up, would you?